Jordan F1 Transporter

With the current club track in hibernation, it was time to work on a project that we have had in mind for a long time – a Jordan F1 transporter.

One of our favourite F1 teams is the Jordan team, as their yellow cars really stood out.

There are a few 1:32 trucks available to buy that can be used as a race transporter, but there was nothing in Jordan colours, as the team was sold many years ago.

We already have a Ferrari and Renault truck ready for the paddock, but there was nothing pre-built in yellow colours. There are F1 transporters a plenty in 1:43 scale and so we decided to use one of these as the basis for our design. The 1:32 trucks are not perfect for transporters as the wheels are not fully covered, although once they are parked up behind the pit buildings, only the eagle-eyed amongst us are going to notice.

With the existing stickers removed from the trailer and a dab of white spirit to clean up the sides, we wee ready to begin decoration. We managed to find some Jordan F1 stickers online, which fit really well.

We did try and obtain some ‘Benson & Hedges’ logos to fit the replica, but being as most cigarette brands are now banned they are hard to come find. Instead we found some ‘Buzzin Hornets’ stickers which was the famous name for the team cars one season – and they are just the right size. Finally, we found a large Eddie ‘Jordan’ signature which sits over the Buzzin Hornets – perfect.

With a few extra sponsor stickers to finish the job, we are pleased with the outcome. We think it will look great when we get to a time where it can sit in our paddock. Not only that, but when we took our Jordan F1 cars out of their boxes for the final presentation, we found that they fitted into the back of the truck.

A great little project that was a lot of fun to do!

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