BTCC Thompson VW Has Arrived

Today, we are pleased to receive the Volkswagen BTCC car of Bobby Thompson.

The C4016 is yet another Scalextric BTCC car from Scalextric and is now the fourth VW. We set about changing the tyres immediately and before we took these photos. Scalextric have confirmed that the plain tyres were part of a cost saving, but we think you will agree that the small additional expense is definitely worth it.

This VW is part of Team Hard and there should be more from this team arriving in 2020. Although we like the car, we have to admit that this livery is not up there with our favourites. Perhaps it is partly due to the fact that this car was not a front runner, but the livery does not look vivid and striking. We are still pleased with the car and it keeps our BTCC collection up to date.

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