About Us

Welcome to Slot Car Club, our website covering all slot related activity and racing. First of all, we are not a club in the traditional sense. We have a private slot track and decided to provide a website for our friends so that we can plan race events and keep track of results and statistics.
Our slot car track has been in planning for many years and it is only recently that we have the space to finally make our dream come true.

The dream of racing began many years ago, not initially to build a slot car track, but to race with Mini-Z RC cars. Mini-Z cars are approx. 1/24 scale cars and we grew a small collection of F1 cars and Japanese touring cars. Mini-Z cars are beautiful little racing machines that can be modified to make them proper micro race cars. After a while we realised that not only did we need the space the size of a village hall to hold a race, but the skill level required to have competitive racing was closer to expert level than novice. With our ambition of having some form of model car racing accessible for all our friends at all abilities, Mini-Z was not the right solution. We looked around for alternatives and once we found digital slot car racing, our plans changed forever.

Digital slot cars was the answer to our dream. It offered simple racing where anyone could come along and enjoy. But now slot cars had evolved with the addition of overtaking, fuel, computer based timing and more it could become as tactical and strategic as we wanted. Our Mini-Z collection was promptly sold and the money was reinvested into some slot cars and an extensive amount track. At the time, space at home was limited, so a track was constructed in the loft and many a good evening was had with some friends racing our new cars, although perhaps we were a little cramped and hot. The racing was put on hold over Winter as the loft was too cold and then in the New Year we discovered a lot of rust on the rails so everything was cleaned, boxed up and that’s where it remained for many years. The dream of having a permanent track remained and the car collection continued to grow.

The years have ticked by, but we now have a fantastic new home in which to construct our new track – the home of Slot Car Club. As we do not get together that often, I decided that a website would be the perfect solution to keep everyone informed about our Slot Car race evenings, results and more, hence this website came to be. It’s a great way to keep everyone interested and allows for interaction between racers and fans. We hope over time that the race cars will evolve and there will be some growing competitive ambition appearing as our friends purchase their own slot cars. It may still only be a home race track, but we think it compares well against other slot clubs.


We would love to hear from anyone who has found us online and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments about our club, so please post using the comment areas on our pages or use the contact form below.