Race Options

Every race / event at Slot Car Club is created from a number of options. We have listed all the available race options here, which are used to formulate different race types for each class we run. Once the options have been chosen, they can then be tailored for your individual event. An Event can then be described using just a simple 6 letter code, which relate to the six sections below.

1. Starting Grid (S)

There are four different type of race starts.

A Gold (Stationary)

B Silver (Stationary)

C Purple (Stationary)

D Rolling


2. Qualifying (Q)

Here are the options for qualifying sessions. The options can be adjusted by time or number of laps to create your event qualifying rules.

ANo Qualifying
BSingle Timed Session
CMultiple Timed Sessions
DGroups of Cars in Separate Timed Sessions
ESingle Flying Lap
FMultiple Flying Laps by Single Car
GKnock-out Timed Sessions
HGrid Preset based on Heat Rotation (No Qualifying)
IRandom Grid Selection (No Qualifying)
JSingle Timed Session with Separate SuperPole Session


3. Race Formats (R)

The Race Formats allow for different types of races based on complexity and strategy.

ARace - No Pit Stops
BFuel Only
CTyre Wear Only
DTyre Wear & Fuel
EWeather Only
FFuel & Weather
GFuel, Tyres & Weather
HJoker Lap (via pitlane)


4. Event Types (E)

The event types allow different kinds of races and events to mirror real life motorsport. The event is based on a race weekend/evening and there will be an agreed number of ‘events’ to make up a Championship.

ASingle Race - Laps
BSingle Race - Timed
CSingle Race - Laps - Reverse Grid from Qualifying
DSingle Race - Timed - Reverse Grid from Qualifying
EHeats - Points Total
FHeats - Top Points Go to Final
GHeats - Tiered Finals - Top Finishers Promoted to Next Final
H2 Races - 2nd Race Reverse Grid from Qualifying
I2 Races - 2nd Race Starts in 1st Race Finish Order
J2 Races - 2nd Race Starts in Reverse of 1st Race Finish Order
K3 Races - 2nd Race Starts in 1st Race Finish Order - 3rd Race Reverse Grid from 2nd
L3 Races - 2nd Race Starts in 1st Race Finish Order - 3rd Race Random Reverse Grid


The following two options are based on driver skill/car classes that are racing. They can be used to create more competitive races or allow for drivers with higher or lesser skillsets.

5. Deslotting (D)

The deslotting options are for when a car leaves the track. The options allow for very strict car control or can be relaxed for novices and allow for the types of cars being used. These options are also applicable if a car runs out of fuel on track.

ASession Stop - Reslot - Continue
BSession Stop - 3 Tokens Per Player - 4th Crash - Car Eliminated
CSession Stop - Time Penalty Per Crash Added At End
DSession Stop - Drive Thru Pits After Restart
ESession Stop - Stop/Go in Pits After Restart
FSession Stop - Minus 1 Lap
GSession Stop - Car Returned To Pits & Fully Refuelled
HSession Continues - Marshall Reslot Car
ISession Continues - Car Out of Session Immediately


6. Handicapping/Weight Penalty (H)

Not everyone has the same skill, age or amount of practice, so there are handicap options to balance the field to give all competitors an equal chance.

ANo Handicap
BReduce Throttle %
CAdd Time Penalty to Qualifying Time
DAdd Time Penalty to Race Time
EStart cm distance back from start line
EReverse Grid - Based on Qualifying
GReverse Grid - Based on Last Race
HRank/Distribute Cars based on Car Performance