The Track

Whilst our new Club room is still in the construction phase, we have been working on some track plans. Here are the three best plans so far for our new track layout.


Track 1

The first of our track plans features our original layout which allows for many passing places and has room for some trucks behind the pit garages. This track does have some very tight bends which some cars may struggle to get around, but we will not know until we test.


Track 2

Our second track plan features many straights and has room to allow for a Le-Mans type start piece which can be used for Safety cars. There are still a few tight corners but the track may not offer enough challenge.


Track 3

Our third track is a modification of track 2 and has an extra chicane to give some more variety. This has come at the expense of the Safety car area and has reduced some of the straights. It has also lost some of the passing places but has increased the overall length of the circuit.

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