Points & Rankings

We use Points and Rankings to compare our drivers ability, but what is the difference?

Points are a drivers average event/race score for the current year and Ranking shows a drivers performance over the last 3 years.


Here is some more detail to explain how Points and Rankings work at Slot Car Club…



Points are awarded at a race event and are used to calculate the best driver over the current year in each class. The winner at an event gets 25 points down to 1 point for 12th place for each Car Class. We then use a calculation to find the best driver in each Class (i.e the one with the best average points) with a focus on the last four events in the year, although we use a weighted average to include other event points scored during the full year.

We do not have a set number of events per year, therefore is was decided to use the drivers most recent events for their “average” points score, otherwise a points total for all event points would penalise drivers who miss an event. As more recent results influence your Points score more, we are aware this system does work against drivers who do well at the start of the year, but it has been configured this way to ensure that every new event is important, rather than just “banking” some good points from earlier events.

One allotment of Points is awarded per class per event, not per individual race. So to be clear, if you won five Class B races in one evening, the individual race results would be aggregated and the winner of the event would score 25 points, not 125. A driver must enter a minimum of 4 events in a year. The best points score possible for the current year is 100.


The Points awarded at a Race Event are as follows:

1st Place = 25 points
2nd Place = 20
3rd Place = 18
4th Place = 15
5th Place = 12
6th Place = 10
7th Place = 8
8th Place = 6
9th Place = 5
10th Place = 3
11th Place = 2
12th Place = 1

* – If there are less than 12 participants, then Points are still awarded from 1st Place
** – If there are more than 12 Participants, places 12 and onwards all score 1 point.



A drivers Ranking is based on ongoing performance over a longer period such as the last 3 years. It is weighted more towards the current season but previous points scores are included to calculate the current total. We monitor a drivers Ranking for each car class as one driver may be a better “Open Wheel” driver than a “Saloon Car” driver, so we can compare different skill levels across all five classes.

We also have an overall Ranking which is the drivers average across all 5 Classes, to find the overall best driver at our club. As with our points system, all Rankings are rated on a scale from 0 to 100 with 100 being the highest score possible (although virtually impossible to achieve!).


Players are also awarded a “coloured” helmet logo based on their current Ranking. The colours used are as follows:

Gold = Ranking above 95 (maximum one player per League only)
Red = Ranking between 85 – 94
Yellow = Ranking between 75 – 84
Green = Ranking between 65 – 74
Blue = Ranking between 55 – 64
White = Ranking below 54