Legends Appear At Slot Car Club

The famous American-based Legends are now a new category at Slot Car Club.

The Legends series has been hugely popular in America and now has a growing following in the UK. This is part in thanks to it joining the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) series, but also thanks to its close, exciting heat-based racing.

We have been admirers of the Legends cars produced by Pioneer for a while. Although they are slightly larger sized at 1/30 scale rather than 1/32, they look fantastic and also come with a built-in Scalextric based DPR slot. If they had been scaled to 1/32, then there probably would not have been space to fit a Scalextric DPR chips, so it is worth the slightly larger scale. With only a few twists of a screwdriver, they can easily be converted to run on a Scalextric track. This is a huge boost for a manufacturer and was one of the deciding factors to have them at the club.

As we are big fans of the BTCC at the club, it makes sense for us to add the accompany series so that we can replicate a full Touring car weekend. The Legends will stand up in their own right and we think that the heat racing , where reverse grids are used, will translate perfectly into slot form.

Pioneer have released many liveries using Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford chassis. We usually like to have equal numbers of each chassis, but with more Ford liveries than the others, we have initially gone for our favourites to ensure we get them before they sell out.

They are fantastic models and we cannot wait to get them on the track for a spin. We are sure that Pioneer will be releasing more liveries over time, so there is a good chance that more will be added to our stable over time. There are some pre-painted and plain white kits for sale too, so there is plenty of opportunity to add some custom liveries. Now if only we could race more than 6 of them at a time, then everything would be perfect.

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