New Scalextric cars for 2019

Today we are pleased to see the new range for 2019 from Scalextric. So is it good news for our members at Slot Car Club or will it be another year of mid-table mediocrity for our racers? Read on and find out all about the new range.

The biggest series for our club and the one that held the most anticipation is the BTCC. There were rumours that we would get some new cars and we predicted some of the liveries we might see in our recent post. The good news is that we were correct with two of our predictions as we look forward to getting the RCIB insurance dual-coloured MG6 and the Gordon Smiley Honda Civic. The MG6 is a great looking car with a blue livery on one side and a similar orange livery on the other. The Smiley Honda is a little bland in comparison but still one we will add to our expanding collection.

The other welcome news is that there is going to be a further two BTCC cars appearing in 2019. We have another BMW on its way in the yellow/blue Pirtek colours. Some of you will be saying that we have already seen a BMW in Pirtek colours and you would be correct. The new car is in the 2018 colour scheme and whilst it was unexpected to see a similar livery, it was one of the most popular cars from the 2018 season.

The final BTCC car is the VW Passat of Bobby Thompson. Now this was a car that no-one expected to see as I doubt many have even heard of the driver, or seen the car. This car had gone completely under our radar, even though I watched the BTCC on the television, but I am pleased to say that it’s a really bright colourful livery that will be easy to see on the track. It is a real shame that we do not get a new car shape from Scalextric, but not unexpected and I do not think we will get any more car shapes for the BTCC series now.

So what other cars from the 2019 caught our eye? There were not a huge number of cars that looked attractive to us and we did notice that a lot of the releases are fresh liveries of existing models. Scalextric are looking to attract new (and younger) racers, so there is a definite move away from racing cars and real liveries. There are some Aston Martins and Mercedes GT3s although we already have plenty in our stable and nothing really grabbed our attention. One car that we may get is the new Porsche 911 RSR. It does not have the most attractive livery but we do like adding to our existing Porsche 911 collection, so this one may make the grade.

The final two vehicles that make our short list both come in Gulf Racing colours. Don’t you already have enough Gulf coloured cars I hear you shout? Well yes we do but these two would still fit in well. The first is a Ford GTE which would make a great companion to our existing GT3. Scalextric have released three GTEs already in house colours (blue, red, & white), with different numbers, so a Ford in Gulf colours is a welcome change. The other vehicle that made our short list is a new racing truck. We were not ecstatic to see the livery for the truck, as we already have one in a Gulf scheme. Scalextric have only released three trucks in total so we are still trying to fill a full grid, so this one may become a reluctant but essential purchase. We will have to wait and see if the livery is distinct enough so as not to get confused with the other Gulf truck when on track.

Scalextric also seem to be pushing ahead with more unbranded F1 cars. I can see the attraction of these if we planned on running a budget single seater series, as there would be plenty of choice. It would look more like a Formula 2 series with the unrecognisable liveries and could be a lot fun, although as we have so many ‘real’ F1 cars I cannot see any room for these.

The McLaren GTRs still look very attractive and with a number of new liveries for 2019, this is one car that is tugging at our wallets. Our only option would be to trade in our existing Slot-it McLarens and swap them for the Scalextric versions. It would be an expensive exercise so at present the Slot-it version still wins…just!

So that’s our summary of the new 2019 range. It feels a bit like last year in that it was not the perfect present that we had wished for but we are still grateful to be receiving something none the less. Scalextric are enduring a difficult time and we would be a lot worse off if there were no new cars to look forward to.

Lets hope we can have a fantastic 2019 with plenty of top track action.

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