BTCC MG Dual Liveried Car Unveiled

We have added to our BTCC collection with the Blue/orange Dual liveried MG of Rory Butcher.

The C4017 is the latest BTCC car from Scalextric and is the third MG in the set. It is arguably the most colourful, with an orange livery on one side, with an almost identical blue livery on the opposite.

We really love the look of this car and think it looks great going around our track, as it seems to change colour as it goes. As is now usual for BTCC cars, it comes with plain tyres, so the first thing we do is to add some logo tyres. This is a real frustration for us to have to do this and seems to be such an unnecessary cost saving ploy. Sometimes it’s worth spending a few extra pence to make your product look amazing and we wish Scalextric would revert to the tyres of old. Apart from that, this is a great car and we advise you to get one soon as we can see this one being popular.

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